How to book wine tasting in Paris?

Wine tasting expedition in Paris is an excellent and exquisite way to entertain international visitors to Paris. Anyone planning a particular excursion for visitors coming for short vacays in Paris should include wine tasting. Wine tasting experience is significant in the sense that it introduces visitors to the French culture.

Wine tasting activity

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One can learn how to have a taste of French wine and distinguish it informatively and with fun. One needs to take a virtual trip around the French wine regions, to taste and sampling the products under the direction and aid of a qualified sommelier.

Importance of wine tasting in France

Wine forms a link to the French culture and way of living. It brings a unique perception of how life is in Paris since it is rare to find such experience elsewhere on the globe. With wine tasting being something they have never done before, the experience will be entertaining, informative, instructive and a fun way of bringing people together. It makes the best bonding and team building activity. On top of this, visitors are given souvenirs to carry back home from the exercise. Ultimately, every guest will want to indulge in the chance to taste the various French wines with the Paris experts.

Onsite Booking

You can make events for groups comprising of up to a dozen people at the venue. This venue is located at the core of Latin Quarter. The tasting room is cozy and within a Parisian building on a cobbled paved street. Choice location booking.

Tip: with the Parisian gastronomic tour (see here), enjoy good French wines and good Parisian food at the same time !

A formal and professional event conducted by the Wine Tasting of Paris can also be done at ones preferred location.T he chosen locations can be in private boardroom facilities, exclusive inns and restaurants, etc. Also, One can rent excellent sites like the beach or a boat on the shore for memorable moments.


The wine tastings are often done in English, although a translator can be availed in any language of choice upon request. Groups are on average made of twenty people, but more or fewer people can be accommodated at the event. Prices are entirely varied, and you can adapt one to suit your budget. Prices are dependent on the type and number of wine, location and the number of guests.